Pre-Loved Terms & Conditions

Here at Kick Game, we want you to enjoy your purchase, whether it's brand new or pre-loved. That is why every one of our items goes through the hands of our authentication team before being in your hands.

For Pre-Loved, we have to do even more checks. The pictures you see on the website have to match to the item that we have received, in the condition expected and advertised, and that the shoe is a genuine product.

What is the process for Pre-Loved shoes?

Once an order is placed online for a pre-loved item, the seller on our marketplace is triggered to send the item to us to check it over, to make sure it is as advertised and a genuine product. The seller has a certain number of days to ship to us so that you, the customer, receive your order in the timeframe given at the order confirmation.

What happens if the item is not shipped by the seller?

Unfortunately, this can happen, with any marketplace. We do take it very seriously, and do operate a very low tolerance on people letting our customers' down. If the seller does not ship the item in within a certain timeframe, we will unfortunately reach out to inform you of this and offer you a full refund (this can take up to 5 working days to reach your account).

What happens if the item doesn't match the images or quality expected?

If the shoe is not a genuine product, we will reject this shoe immediately and process your refund (this can take up to 5 working days to reach your account).

If the shoe has slight variations, we will reach out to you with images, to show you, and ensure you are still happy. We won't take any chances, and want to ensure you receive your item in the state advertised. If you are unhappy with this, we can also offer you a refund (this can take up to 5 working days to reach your account).

Can I return a Pre-Loved item?

We cannot accept returns on pre-loved items. All sales are final on pre-loved items. You can still receive our normal returns policy on brand new items. If you wish to relist your item with us on our marketplace platform, then you can do so by getting on touch with us to request to setup an account (note, we do not allow everyone to sign up for this service to ensure the highest calibre of sellers).

If you have any questions regarding pre-loved items, please contact us by clicking here And remember, when you have your pre-loved items, or your brand new items, tag us on socials @kickgameuk where we may feature your image.