Produced by Medicom Toy, the Bearbrick has been around for decades. Most Bearbricks come in the standard sizes of 100%, 400%, or 1000%. Medicom has collaborated with dozens of brands including Bearbrick x Kith, Bearbrick x BAPE, Bearbrick x Emotionally Unavailable, Bearbrick x Staple, Bearbrick x Nike SB, & more. Medicom also works with artists for releases such as Bearbrick x Andy Warhol, Bearbrick x Keith Haring, Bearbrick x Hebru Brantley, Bearbrick x Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bearbrick x Sorayama, and more. Some other popular models are the Faze Clan Bearbrick, Rick & Morty Bearbricks, and Bugs Bunny Rabbrick.