Stormzy Launches ‘#Merky FC’

November 08, 2022 by Joey Birch

Stormzy Launches ‘#Merky FC’

Giving back to the community is something that Stormzy is well versed in. Whether it’s sponsoring Cambridge University students or launching #Merky Books in conjunction with Penguin which has allowed black voices to tell their stories on a large platform, the London artist has ensured to leave his mark both within and outside of the music industry. 

The accolades Stormzy has accumulated throughout his music career including 8 wins and a further 11 nominations have ensured that he will be remembered as one of the greatest to do it for the UK on a global scale. And this is only the beginning. 

While some would be content with the aforementioned achievements, Stormzy continues to push the needle and provide incredible opportunities, this time moving from the main stage to the football pitch. 

Last week, it was announced that Stormzy was going to be launching #Merky FC, a programme that aims to provide young black and mixed heritage individuals with opportunities within the football industry from presenting to marketing and management etc. 

In a recent study released by The Football Association at the end of October, it was found that the 32 English football clubs who had signed up for the 2020 Football Leadership Diversity Code, which was introduced to fight inequality within the leadership and operations roles, were only meeting two of the eight targets laid before them despite being able to reach six of the eight during the 2021/22 season.

In the same report, it was highlighted that just 10.3% of the candidates hired for senior leadership roles at clubs came from Black, Asian or mixed heritage backgrounds, which had dropped below the target of 15%. However, more recent figures suggest this is as low as 6.7%. 

With these statistics in mind, it’s pertinent to introduce further measures to ensure that this astonishing downward trend is curbed. 

At the core of the project, stands Stormzy and adidas. The artist was first signed to endorse the Three Stripes in 2015 when his viral ‘Shut Up’ music video hit the internet and saw the rapper wearing what is now an iconic bright red tracksuit. 

When speaking on how the latest #Merky FC project came into fruition during an interview with Sky Sports, Stormzy says: 

“Massive shout out to adidas because as soon as we came forward with the idea they were full steam ahead. My idea of success for it is just more brands coming on, different corners of the industry, different partners of the industry and just adding to the starting eleven that we got. And just seeing people thrive in those roles”.


In addition to adidas, the campaign also includes 10 other companies including Manchester United, LADbible, Fulham FC and Sky Sports each of whom will be providing young aspiring individuals with the opportunity to attend placements in a variety of roles. While at its genesis there is only a starting 11(see what he did there?), Stormzy has big plans for the future of #Merky FC, speaking to Sky Sports he says: 

“My idea of success for it is just more brands coming on, different corners of the industry, different partners of the industry…just seeing people thrive in those roles. I always say with anything that we do, I hope that in 20 years I see someone and they're the something something at Manchester United or I am currently doing this at Sky Sports or I am currently doing this at LADbible and that was because of Merky FC and the initiative that we started”.

The London-based rapper is no stranger to showing off his love for the beautiful game with the Manchester United fan experiencing a self-described star-struck moment live on Sky Sports when he met Man U legend Roy Keane pitch side in addition to featuring José Mourinho in the ‘Mel Made Me Do It’ music video, a moment that’ll go down in history as an iconic triumph. 

Ultimately, #Merky FC is creating the platform for the change that football so desperately needs to see; promoting and providing opportunities that’ll allow diverse representation within football to prosper.  

In the words of Stormzy himself: “On the pitch, we do our thing. Off the pitch, it’s like we don’t exist. That’s all about to change”. You can apply now via the #Merky FC website, here

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