Hattie Goes Shopping for Sneakers With Kick Game

December 25, 2022 by Joey Birch

Hattie Goes Shopping for Sneakers With Kick Game

Founded in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona, Make-A-Wish has been making children's wishes come true for almost 45 years. Initiated through a small community act of kindness, the non-profit organisation was born and has since flourished with the UK branch opening its doors thanks to 6 volunteers in 1986. 

By the fourth year, the organisation had made over 100 wishes come true to children all over the UK. Fast forward to the present day and Make-A-Wish UK has provided over 15,000 children with the opportunity of a lifetime whether it’s big or small. 

Hattie is one of those participants in Make-A-Wish’s 2022 journey, with her wish being an all-expenses-paid shopping experience in London. Marking only her second time coming to the capital, from her home in the West Midlands, Hattie and her sister Martha came by our Covent Garden store for an exclusive episode of Shopping For Sneakers as part of the experience. 

Greeted by Craig, the sisters got straight to business expressing their love of Dunks before moving on to Hattie’s inspiring and touching story, discussing her condition which caused her to have to visit the hospital on many occasions meaning she wasn’t able to stay in school around her friends as much as usual. 

As the conversation moved over to discussing Air Jordan 4’s, with an obligatory shoutout to Dave, so too did the conversation of the incredible achievements Hattie has been able to accomplish in the face of adversity. Not just getting to a place where she can socialise regularly but also achieving A’s and A*’s in her GCSEs - a true testament to being able to do anything you put your mind to. 

It was this message that Hattie made sure to share during her experience, in addition to highlighting invisible illnesses and the impact they have that aren’t as easily noticeable. 

When asked about some of her interests, both Hattie and her sister Martha instantly said The Sidemen. From watching them in the hospital when Hattie had been diagnosed around the age of 10, to watching them with her sister before bed today, it was a perfect coincidence that waiting in the wings was Tobit Brown (AKA TBJZL) and Simon Minter (AKA Miniminter). Arriving in-store to provide Hattie and Martha with their sneakers, the two members of The Sidemen were on hand to quiz the girls about their current sneaker collections, assist with picking the perfect pairs as well as challenging their dad to a go on the infamous P45 Punch Machine. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Make-A-Wish UK for providing us with the opportunity to be a part of making a wish come true, Hattie and Martha for coming down and providing inspiration for countless children around the world as well as Tobit and Simon who will be making their own donations towards Make-A-Wish. 

The total amount of the shopping spree will be matched by Kick Game in form of a donation to Make-A-Wish UK. To view the entire episode, click here.

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