Clints Continues to Reign Supreme With Their Latest Silhouette

January 25, 2023 by Joey Birch

Clints Continues to Reign Supreme With Their Latest Silhouette

In a footwear landscape which continues to champion big brands and corporations, it’s refreshing to see a grounded brand nearer the beginning of its journey. Clints is the perfect example of said brand. With footwear design at its roots, with its founder Junior Clint curating sneakers in his uni bedroom, CLINTS INC. has been going from strength in a minimal time frame since its launch in 2019, now releasing its third silhouette which continues to showcase an innovative yet retro makeup setting it apart from any other brand on the market.

Since its beginnings, the footwear brand has set itself apart from the competition with a unique silhouette complete with signature details, most notable of which was the ‘CLINTS’ outsole spelling out the brand's name. “Initially, I wasn’t too keen on the self-authorised branding cuz I wanted something that wasn’t directly associated to a person or a thing. After a load of conversations with my peers, they suggested I name it Klints with a K/Clint/Clints ect... Eventually, it stuck”, Junior writes in the caption of an image posted in early 2020 reminiscing about the origin of his now vibrant venture with an image taken in 2017 of the early process behind designing the remarkable outsole.

While his first official sneaker was yet to arrive, one of his earliest projects was a sample pair of boots inspired by Virgil Abloh’s ‘The Ten’ collaboration with Nike, OFF White’s first project with the Swoosh showcasing all the features that go into the production of a sneaker.

When speaking about the impact Abloh had on him in a 2017 interview with VERSUS, Clint says: “The inspiration behind the shoe was from the designer himself. Virgil Abloh exposed me to all the different compartments of a shoe which left me thinking about the process in a fresh way”.

By October 2019, the first official silhouette was curated, perfectly combining form and function, the sneaker allowed for rugged wear from mountain trails to the streets of London, a feat that at the time was still in its infancy but has now harboured brands including Salomon and Merrel to take their place in the limelight.

Following the rollout of the TRL 2.0, Junior Clint collaborated with Patta on the ‘Stepper’, a premium lifestyle sneaker that echoed the feeling of the 90s that the surrounding apparel speaks to. Chunky in its construction, the minimally branded and expertly made shoe features a myriad of detailing from a semi-translucent outsole featuring the Clints logo spread between the two shoes in addition to subtle Patta branding on the upper released in an exclusive colourway to honour the partnership.

Continuing its release, the sneaker was showcased in several colourways sold within the ongoing Clints pop-up store located in central Manchester, the home of Junior.

Post the curation of the Steppers, CLINTS INC. turned its focus to clothing. Once again maintaining the old-school 90s aesthetic, fans have been treated to graphic tees, football jerseys and tracksuits in addition to premium leather jackets and cargo trousers - all of which arrive with a perfectly stylistic lookbook. Kicking off the year, CLINTS INC. is bringing their latest silhouette in the form of the ‘Stomper’. Taking inspiration from 90s New York style combining Timberland boots, baggy jeans and fur coats with the final piece of the puzzle being an eye-catching all-white Rolls Royce Phantom. All of which was, of course, included in the lookbook.

Heavily reminiscent of 90s New York streetwear, the collection's pinnacle piece is the latest footwear rendition. Modelled close to the original Timberland 6-inch boot with the Clints logo embroidered on the lateral side. Arriving in a selection of colourways including vibrant orange, pastel blues and pinks to minimal black and grey offerings the collection displays the versatility of the brand, showcasing the understanding and reflection of the culture in which it takes its inspiration.

Simplicity is key to the design of the Stompers. Ensuring premium craftsmanship in Portugal utilising superior materials and heavy stitching encapsulating a blanket-lined inner and thick rubber cuff, sitting atop a bulky rubber midsole, the boots are made for the winter months.

Bold, yet subtle, Clints continues to translate 90s influence into the current zeitgeist. For the latest on Clints, keep it Kick Game.