Crep Protect

There’s nothing worse than stains on a pair of box fresh shoes, and that’s why we created Crep Protect. Ask any sneakerhead and they’ll tell you; you can touch, stain, or wipe any piece of clothing you want, but the shoes are off limits. Tiptoe all you want though, accidents happen. So what are you going to do, put your shoes on ice and turn your collection into a museum? Never that. Keep your collection fresh with Crep Protect. Most materials are safe from liquids of all kinds. Suede, nubuck, or canvas; all protected by an invisible layer of protection of our own creation. Crep Protect provides a breathable barrier that protects your shoes from liquids without altering the look one bit.

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The quest to keep your kicks as fresh as the day you bought them continues, and with the Crep Protec..
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The essential cleaning accessory, this travel size wipe is perfect for any unexpected splashes or ma..
£6.99 Ex Tax: £5.83
The days of your fresh shoes and trainers being ruined, and consequently ruining your style, are lon..
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Crep Protect's revolutionary sprays are famed for ensuring protection against stains and rain. The C..
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